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Meet Isabel Guaderrama

Combining massage therapy with Chiropractic care to create a full-service wellness center.

Massage Therapist

Isabel was born in Downey and raised in Maywood, CA. She has always been fascinated with the way the human body works, and loved studying and learning. She has always been drawn to positions tied to the field of medicine. She was a Medical Biller for eight years and a Surgical Counselor and Coordinator for five years.

While she loved working with the patients, she realized she wanted to build a career she would feel passionate about.

If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.

This has been the motto Isabel has adopted.

So Isabel asked herself where she was the happiest. It was during a reflexology session that she realized she was on the wrong side of the table. She enrolled at the South Bay Massage School in 2004, became a CMT in 2005 and quickly realized that her massage sessions were much more effective when she included reflexology.

Adding Reflexology

Isabel continued her education at the American Academy of Reflexology, studying under Bill Flocco and Lisa Chan, and she is certified in the “Flocco Method-Integrating Foot, Hand and Ear Reflexology.”

In 2009, she became a board certified in reflexology. To help bolster her skills and provide even more benefits to her patients, she also decided to study Cranio-Sacral Therapy in Reflexology. She completed her case studies in April of 2010 and received certification from the California Massage Therapy Council.

Isabel has been a member of both the Reflexology Association of California (RAC) and Reflexology Association of America (RAA) since 2008, as well as a member of the International Council of Reflexology (ICR) since 2009.

Working in a Chiropractors office

In 2005, she worked in a Chiropractor’s office for a short period; she wanted to offer her Lakewood neighbors the type of relaxing massage that someone would receive at the spa with the benefits they would receive in a chiropractor’s office.

It was during a painful back injury that she came to know and respect Dr. Haygood. Like many of you, she was terribly sad to hear of his illness, so when Dr. Haygood introduced her to Dr. Michelle Litzinger, she trusted his judgment and felt that he sincerely entrusted the care of his patients to Dr. Michelle.

Combining Chiropractic & Massage

After Dr. Haygood’s passing, Isabel continued to see Dr. Michelle for her own personal Chiropractic needs. Isabel and Dr. Michelle both realized that they had a common goal: combining massage therapy with Chiropractic care to create a full-service wellness center that would provide greater benefit to existing as well as prospective patients.

With this in mind, Isabel and Dr. Michelle look forward to helping you and your family with all your wellness needs. To book an appointment, Call our Lakewood office at (562) 408-1140.

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