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Dr. Jasmine Chau of Lakewood


Dr. Jasmine Chau

Dr. Jasmine Chau grew up in Westwood, California. Dr. Jasmine graduated from Cleveland College of Chiropractic, Los Angeles with a Bachelors degree in Human Biology and Doctorate degree in Chiropractic in 2013. She has been working in the health care field for over 10 years and enjoys helping people decrease pain through muscle work as a soft tissue specialist.

Dr. Jasmine specializes in Pediatric and Pregnancy chiropractic care. She is certified in the Webster Technique, which is a specific adjustment at the sacrum that helps facilitate the pregnant mother’s pelvic alignment and nerve system function. This in turn balances pelvic muscles and ligaments, reducing torsion to the uterus. Research has shown that regular Chiropractic care during pregnancy results in decreased labor time and lower incidences of complications during the birthing process.

The benefits for Pediatric chiropractic care is that it can help children sleep better and can improve their concentration. It requires very little force to gently adjust the spine of a child. Young athletes are encouraged to get adjustments to maintain their performance during sports. For further information please visit

Alongside Dr. Jasmine’s chiropractic techniques, she is also certified in Graston Techniques. Graston is a treatment that uses specific tools to break down adhesions between muscles. It helps increase circulation which promotes healing, as well as, improves range of motion. For further information please visit

Outside of the office Dr. Jasmine enjoys rollerblading, beach volleyball, and cooking new recipes since she loves to eat.